Cooloo National School - Home

..We extend a warm welcome to you and your child. It is our aim that your child will be extremely happy in our school and will achieve his/her full potential. There is a strong sense of community and a high level of cooperation between staff, pupils and parents.
Cooloo school has a catholic ethos as outlined in our mission statement.
We follow the Alive-o programme for religious education.
Board of Management:
Siobhan Foley   (Chairperson)
Frances Divilly   (Treasurer)
Conleth Dermody   (Secretary)
St. John Searle ( Parent)
Sinead Dermody ( Parent)
Fiona Ward ( Teacher)
Fr. O 'Connor (Community)
Dominic Kemple (Community)

We have a parents association who meet regularly to support the many school activities.
Our school plan is made up of policies which assist the running of the school. It is available on request at the school.

Conleth Dermody  (Principal) 3rd To 6th
Fiona Ward  ( Junior Room )Infants To 2nd
Carmel Nevin  Learning Support /Resource Teacher

Code of Behaviour:
This policy aims to promote a happy and safe school environment for all pupils ,teachers and parents in order to ensure optimal conditions for effective teaching and learning.

The school expects that pupils will
  • Attend school regularly
  • Be punctual
  • Respect all school property
  • Show respect for yourself and others
  • Participate in school activities
  • Move quietly around the school without causing disturbance
  • Keep the school tidy and litter free

Antibullying Policy:
All pupils have the right to learn in a supportive caring and safe environment without fear of being bullied.
Any bullying complaints will be dealt with firmly, fairly and promptly.
The dept of education guidelines on countering bullying defines bullying as repeated aggression, verbal, psychological or physical, conducted by an individual or a group against another.

Child Protection Policy:
The staff, parents and board of management of Cooloo N.S. have developed and agreed a child protection policy in line with the current recommendations and guidelines relating to Child Abuse Prevention And Child Protection Guidelines.
There is an obligation on school personnel to record and report any suspicion of neglect/emotional physical or sexual abuse in accordance with the procedures set out by the Dept Of Education And Science, Child Protection Guidelines And Procedures.

School Day:
School begins at 9.20am each morning. Even if teachers are present children will not be insured before this time.
In the interest of  safety for all, infant children must be collected from the school yard at 2pm.
School day Junior and Senior Infants
9.20 to 2.00 pm
1st to 6th class
9.20 to 3.00 pm

The attendance record in Coolooo N.S. is very good.
Parents are encouraged to notify teacher either by phone or note of childs absence or of any delay in collecting children

School Calendar:
A school calendar will be sent to parents at the beginning of each school year.
It will also be posted on the website.

We operate a schoolbook rental scheme throughout the school. There may be instances where some workbooks will have to be purchased.

Green tracksuit. Yellow polo t-shirt.

Healthy lunches are encouraged, sweets, chocolate bars, fizzy drinks and crisps are forbidden.

We strive to be an environmentally responsible school and create as little rubbish as possible.
Children are requested to take home all used lunch wrappers, cartons, crusts etc. in their lunch box.

This can also act as a good indicator of how much they have eaten at snack time.

Homework Policy:
To foster in the child a spirit of self reliance, independence and co-operation and provide them with skills for life-long learning.
To keep parents in touch with and involved in children’s schoolwork.
To cultivate a habit of private study and develop good study skills.

Cooloo N.S. is a happy and safe place where every child matters. We hope your child will have many happy years with us. We look forward to working with you in order to give your child the best possible start in life.